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The body is the vehicle of the soul

Reflexology is a natural complementary treatment method based on the presence of reflex points on the soles, palms and ears. The stimulation of reflexes results in the holistic normalization of the central and autonomic nervous system results in the excitation of corresponding systems of our body.


Reflexology is applied to the soles with special pressure and handling. If it can not be applied to the soles, there are similar pressures and hand movements.

Reflexology is applied by certified reflexologists who have completed at least two academic years of studies.

Each person’s sensation and reaction varies according to his or her problem, sensitivity and emotional state. Generally speaking after a reflexology session, the receiver feels calm, deep relaxation, and euphoria.

It usually does not hurt. Sometimes the receiver may experience pain or discomfort in the blocked reflex points, which gradually eases.

Reflexology helps the body to unblock and deal effectively with the problem. This is because reflexology reduces stress, improves circulation, improves nerve function and ultimately leads to homeostasis.

No. Even if performed by someone who is not qualified, a sense of relief and relaxation is still achieved.

Yes. Therefore, a detailed medical history is obtained before the sessions begin.

A session cycle consists of 12-15 sessions of 60 minutes. Sessions usually take place once a week.

Reflexology supplements conventional and alternative medicine. Improves the body’s response to treatment, supports medication, in collaboration with the doctor, helping to reduce contraindications of medicins.