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Pranic Psychotherapy is a very powerful technique of Pranic Healing with which we can cure emotions, phobias and general psychological problems. All these imbalances are the result of accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions, traumatic experiences starting from the moment of conception. The important thing is that issues that need a lot of time to be resolved through conventional psychoanalysis can be improved very soon without the receiver having to give us information that he may not want to give. Pranic Psychotherapy can be applied in conjunction with classical psychotherapy either to make the receptor more receptive to treatment or to speed it up.

  • Prerequisite to follow the Advanced Pranic Healing Seminar.

  • The seminar lasts one weekend.

By completing the seminar you will know:
  • How to properly use this technique to dissolve the negative energies, feelings, injuries etc.

  • How to help stop smoking such as cigarettes, alcoholism, etc.

  • How to effectively deal with depression.

  • How to create protection shields.

  • How to do self-healing for psychological issues.

  • How to protect yourself from third-party mental attacks.

  • How to repair the protective tissues of the chakras.

A Certificate of Seminar attendance is given by the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc. of Manila.
The seminar is organized in collaboration with Rama Hellenic Organization Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

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