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Face training is a set of exercises, expressions and pressures that enhance appearance and enhance self-confidence. It’s a unique technique that dramatically smoothes the signs of time on the face. It focuses on the movements and expressions and teaches how to practice our face so that it results in a luminous and vigorous epidermis.
Mass breathing techniques are used to maximize blood circulation. With regular practice you will notice that your expressions will change and the tension lines on your face will soften. The result is a picture of a younger person, a bright skin, a feeling of self-confidence and awareness.
The ultimate goal of face training is self-confidence and self-awareness.


The biggest goal of face training is to gain discipline and confidence. By moving the face and disciplining the program of exercises we assume the responsibility of ourselves. As a result, we see the changes not only physically but also spiritually. Confidence, acceptance, and love for ourselves can only be achieved by moving our face.
Facial expressions are controlled by 72 muscles. When we move the muscles unconsciously during the day, the skin gets visible lines even when we do not make expressions. Over time, these lines become wrinkled. However, facial lines can be reduced or even disappear when the facial muscles are relaxed and move in the appropriate way.
Face training gives symmetry to the person teaching how to use the facial muscles consciously. The more symmetrical a person is, the more beautiful and attractive it seems. While facial training does not cause collagen or elastin production on the skin, it builds a strong skin and strengthens the muscles that support the skin.


We all know the law of gravity. Gravity helps us stand. But at the same time it is also an aging factor. Gravity pushes everything down and everything includes parts of our face. The corners of the mouth tend to fall down, the nose grows, the cheekbones and the eyelids fall. We may not be able to stop gravity, but we can delay the signs of aging by taking care of ourselves. People exercise our body to keep it youthful. Why not exercise our face for the same reasons? Face training exercises the muscles of our face to look younger.


It is often harder to see negative changes in our face than in our body. If you have begun seeing any of the following signs it is a good indication that your face needs a gym.

  • Your eyes look smaller.

  • Eyelids are dropped.

  • Nasolabial Folds are getting bigger and deeper.

  • Wrinkles created on the face during sleep do not easily disappear in the morning.

  • Feeling of weight in the eye area.

  • Punch or bags under the eyes.

  • Loss of volume in the area of ​​cheekbones.

  • Double Chin.

  • Changing the oval of the face.

  • The face looks fainter.

  • Keep the mouth open unconsciously.

  • We feel our skin different.


When we exercise more oxygen circulates in our body, face and brain something that helps us to be more concentrated and relaxed. The same is done with facial training. We feel good both physically and psychologically.

Psychological benefits
  • We get self-control. By taking responsibility for ourselves, we have the power to transform every aspect of our lives.

  • Stimulate self-confidence. Applying regularly the exercise program we learn to control the movements of our person and in the same way we can control all the areas of our lives.

Natural Benefits
  • Improves appearance of the skin (due to better blood circulation).

  • Cheekbones are restored.

  • We get better shaped and outlined lips.

  • The eyes look bigger.

  • Reduced drops of eyelids.

  • We get a more symmetrical face.

  • Front line decreases.

  • The mouth edges are raised.

  • Reduce nasolabial folds.

  • Reduce the double-collar.

  • Face contour is sculpted.

  • Reduces the «goose leg».

  • Reduces bags under the eyes.

  • Reduces dark circles.

  • Reduces vertical lines in the area between the eyes.

  • We get a brighter and youthful face.


Men and women from 18 years of age can either improve their appearance or delay the aging process. Face Yoga is an alternative anti-aging and preventative method that has overwhelmed England, Japan and America. It is a holistic method that includes a complete combination of exercises, breathing, massage, pressure and relaxation exclusively for the area of ​​the face and neck. It helps to delay the wear of time, to improve our appearance as it reduces wrinkles, eliminates fatigue, gives a smooth and youthful skin, stimulates the elasticity of the skin, recovers the oval of the face, stimulates the muscles.
It is very safe and easy to do home exercises after we have been properly trained. There is no fear of wrinkling our face as long as we know! When the face is expressed with its muscular mass, that is, consciously and not superficially, then we have no danger. It’s for everyone! Whether you start to see the first signs of aging, whether you have first lines or even wrinkles, exercises and face yoga techniques will give you a healthy and shiny face. It’s never too late to get started! It is also an effective preventive measure. The earlier you start exercises the less likely you are to see the signs of aging and tension on the face and neck.

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