Basic Level of Pranic Healing Seminars 2018-03-22T01:00:31+00:00

At this seminar you will learn to apply simple treatment protocols to others and to yourself. You will learn how to get balance at all levels.

  • The seminar lasts a weekend and teaches you how to feel energy through scanning, how to clean up pathogenic energy through Swipping, and how to energize and complement, where necessary, the energy the organization needs.

By completing the seminar you will know:
  • How to manage the «prana» for the treatment of the energy and physical body.

  • What is the energy body «aura» and the energy centers «chakras» and how to maintain a strong energy level.

  • How to turn your hands on, how to feel energy, and how to manage it.

  • How to make receivers more receptive so treatment is more effective.

  • How to apply simple treatment protocols.

  • The 11 energy centers (chakras) and their operation.

  • What is the disease and how it manifests itself.

  • Pranic breathing and how to use it for healing and increasing your energy body.

  • Meditation in the twin hearts.

  • Builder character.

  • Application of pranic healing for cleaning of premises, objects etc.

A Certificate of Seminar attendance is given by the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc. of Manila.
The seminar is organized in collaboration with Rama Hellenic Organization Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

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