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I was born in Athens, I am a mother of two boys and I studied at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Human Resources Management. Over the past twenty years, I have been working on financial services from various companies. Twelve years ago I had to deal with a health problem of my youngest boy and turned to homeopathy. Seeing the spectacular results, I decided to get to know the magical world of alternative therapies.
I did several seminars, read articles, books and decided to start learning reflexology. I attended two years of training at KERE with my beloved teacher Mrs Stravalaki Efrosini. Training sessions followed with teachers such as Hagar Basis, Heinrike Bergmans, Spyros Dimitrakoulas and others.
Then I found myself in the Reiki world by acquiring the title of Master Reiki Teacher by Voula Karlovasi. SRT with Mrs. Anna Papadatou was the natural continuation until Pranic Healing and Archatic Yoga were found on my way. With an Associate Pranic Healer degree and having attended Archatic Yoga I am fortunate to take this trip with my beloved teachers Master Stephen Co, Master Hector Ramos, Senior Instructor Riccardo Scornajenghi, Chiara Perfetti, Giorgos Stamoulis.
Traditional Chinese medicine, rejuvance and various kinds of massage came to complete the puzzle. In 2017 I was certified as a Face Yoga instructor by Fumico Takatsu. Face Yoga is a type of fitness that offers well-being and improves the appearance of the face.

And this magical journey continues…


To avoid delays and inconvenience, your appointment needs to be booked at least a day earlier. Please come five minutes earlier so there are no delays in the next appointments and no reduction in your treatment time. Possible cancellation or change in time is 24 hours before the preset appointment. In the event of cancellation on the same day of the predetermined appointment you will be charged 50% of the corresponding cost.


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